Join our crypto world cup sweepstake

The person with the victorious team at the end of the World Cup will win the majority of the prize fund – and more importantly, bragging rights!

How it works

Buy a sweep.
Randomly receive a team.

Will you be the sweepstake king?


Our rewards are accumulative. The winner gets the biggest share but as long as you get through the group stage, you’ll be rewarded.

Simple pricing

There is a one-time fee to join in with our sweepstake.


0.12 ETH

The fee to join the sweepstake is
0.12 ETH. That’s roughly £10-£15.

To buy your country, you need to connect your MetaMask extension to our app.

Sell or trade your country on OpenSea.

If you fancy trading your country with a mate, or fancy selling your country to someone else, easily do that through OpenSea

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