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How to find the right mobile app development company for your new project.

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By Sol Hardy

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Who are the top mobile app development companies in Bristol?

There is no way to prove the best app developers in Bristol. Don’t be fooled by comparison sites, companies have to pay to get on the top spots. The only way to work out the top development agencies in Bristol is deciding who is right for your project. 

How to find the right app developer for your project?

Below we will highlight 3 tips to finding a mobile app developer, so you can turn your great idea into an even better mobile app. 

Before we show you our tips, we have alphabetically ordered every mobile app development companies we could find on Google with a Bristol postcode.

This list is not designed to compare app developers, but instead, save you time when you come to choose the right company for your mobile app idea.

  1. App Launch

  2. Basker Roberts

  3. Blue Sparrow Apps

  4. BMDI Software

  5. Calvium

  6. Dino Media

  7. Ghyston

  8. Gravitywell

  9. GWS media

  10. Hello Wired

  11. Modular

  12. Mubaloo

  13. My Oxygen

  14. Newicon

  15. Satsuma Media

  16. So Vision IT

  17. Somerset Design

  18. Sybite

  19. Wyamee

Who will you choose?

3 things to consider when finding a mobile app developer

Now you know of some app development companies in Bristol, how do you pick the right company for your project?

Developing a mobile app is one of the best ways to grow your business. However, choose the wrong app developer and you will lose a lot of time and even more money.

Follow these three points below, and you’ll build a mobile app that will grow your business, save you time and prevent you from losing to the competition.

1. Find an app developer interested in your business, not just coding.​

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Of course, it is vital to find a developer who can code, but if that is the developers only focus, then it is you who will suffer in the future.

You want a developer who is also interested in your long term goals. This is important, as it will affect the way the app is coded from the start, making sure important decisions aren’t forgotten.

For example

Say you are looking to produce an app that will grow your brand awareness. Not only will you need it to look great, but more importantly, your app will need to work seamlessly with your current systems, including your database, CRM, email provider, analytics, sales teams etc.

A good developer who cares about your long term goals will be focussed on making all this integration seamless for you, as well as building a great mobile app.

Good things to look out for when meeting a mobile app developer:

Are they interested in your long term goals?

Do they care if you get a return on investment?

Do they input their views when discussing your app project? 
(You know your product, they know apps: a good business relationship allows you to both bring your skillsets to make the best mobile app possible.)

Take Action

Look for a mobile app developer who is interested in your long term goals. This will guarantee the finished app will suit your business processes, saving you time and money in the long run.

2. Does the app developer have the right expertise for your project?

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Experience alone doesn’t mean the company is right for you, but, if they can prove similar examples, it reduces the risk you need to take. 

It is easy to assume every app agency can do the same style of work. However, depending on your idea, you may need to hire a different developer.

For example

We had a customer where their main idea was a complicated video wall. The agency they originally hired said they could do it without providing any proof. 4 months before the product deadline, our customer still didn’t have a working video wall. We took over the project, rebuilt the app with a working video wall, making sure the customer met their deadline.

Good things to look out for when meeting a mobile app developer:

Does the app developer have previous experience similar to your idea? 

If not, can they provide a proof of concept? 
(With the video wall example above, we had never built something like this before. So before we started the project, we created a free demo of the app to de-risk the situation for the customer. Helping them to achieve their goals and stop wasting any more money.)

Can you download some of their previous apps to get a feel of their expertise?

Take action 

Look through the Bristol app developers websites, ask about previous projects. Make sure you have found a developer with the right experience so you don’t waste time and money in the long run. If they don’t have the experience, don’t be put off, but make sure they can build the technology you require before they start building your project.

3. Don't focus on price alone.

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We understand you have a budget and want to get the most for your investment. However, if you are only focussed on price and not finding the right developer, it is you who will suffer. Often the lowest cost options turn out to be more expensive in the long run. 

For example

One of our customers outsourced their app development to a company in a different country. They found the development cost was a lot cheaper than in the UK. However, once their app had launched, naturally, there were some small teething issues with the app. The outsourcing company charged incredibly expensive day rates to fix these simple problems. Our customer eventually moved over to us, as we offer a small monthly charge to fix/maintain our customer’s apps, allowing their app to grow and develop with modern technology.

Good things to look out for when meeting a mobile app developer:

Are you aware of the app developers day/hourly rate?

Are they willing to provide you with a detailed specification document with specific pricing? (This gives you the peace of mind to know how long the project should take and how much it should cost.)

Have they got a service package to help maintain/fix any bugs once your app is live? (It is unusual for new software to work perfectly the first time. Mobile phones are always changing and to keep up to date you may need to modify your app.)

Have you been made aware of the maintenance cost? (Cloud storage etc)

Take action

Don’t be fooled by cheap upfront costs. You may save a small amount, but if they rush your project to keep costs down, it will be you who will lose out in the long run.

What else?

Other suggestions that help you when choosing an app developer.

Do not approach only one developer. (Try and speak to a few different agencies, this reduces your risk.)

Is your chosen developer happy for you to speak to some of their previous clients? 

Is your chosen company financially stable? (Realistically, once you choose the developer, you are going to want to stay with them for a long time.)

Is the developer going to do the graphics, UI and design in house? (If so, can you see some of their designs early on?)

What next?

A good development company should be able to not only guide you through the process of development but also give you creative input based on their experience.

At Blue Sparrow Apps, we have helped lots of different businesses grow and stay relevant by building mobile apps.

To prevent you from unexpected costs and mistakes we have created a PDF with the five most important suggestions we advise in the early stages of development.
Once you have learned these five points, the other components to developing a mobile app are much easier.

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