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Employee communication app

Engage, reward and wow your employees with a company-branded mobile app.

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Employee communication app

Keep your business up to date with an employee engagement mobile app.

Whatever the size of your company, in any industry, your staff all have mobile phones. Use modern technology to engage your workforce, mitigate internal problems and grow your business. 

Your expertise. Our coding

You know your team, we know mobile app development. Before we will build you an app, we need to listen to your companies plan, understand your employees needs and apply it to the world of app development.

Grow your business

Businesses that look after their staff, grow. You invest time, energy and money into your team, however, do you know how they are really doing? Understanding your staff and what they need will improve the way your organisation will run.

Improve workflow

Better communication, collaboration and clearly stating expectations improve your staff's workflow. The modern world has adapted to be fast-paced and portable. Keeping your staff engaged with a mobile app keeps them able to work on the move in different locations.

Engage staff

A lot of apps have had success by adding gamification to ordinary tasks. Look at Strava, making running fun. By adding gamification into your company, you are rewarding staff for great work, which subsequently will keep them engaged and your business growing.

Building an employee engagement app is as simple as 1... 2... 3

1. Schedule a meeting today

We help you understand all you need to know about building mobile apps.

2. We create a plan

Get expert advice on turning an idea into a fully working mobile app.

3. Let’s execute the plan together

We promise to work to your budget, time scales and business processes.

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We only exist because of great clients

See what they have to say.

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Need an employee communication app?

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How we can help

At Blue Sparrow Apps, we know you are the kind of business that wants to improve the way you communicate with your employees. To succeed, you need to develop some software that keeps your business up to date with the modern world.

The problem is, you are unsure if the investment of a mobile app is the right approach. As a result, you are struggling to make internal communication decisions, which is slowing your organisation down and upsetting staff.

We believe your business no longer needs to struggle with internal communication problems. We have been a software development company for a long time and know how frustrating it is to decide on the right software for your business.

This is why we promise to listen to your needs then build you a profitable software solution. Suiting your budget, time scales and business processes.

Here is how we do it:
1. Schedule a meeting
2. We create a plan
3. Together we execute the plan.

So, schedule a meeting today and in the meantime, you can download our PDF which helps business stop falling behind when building a mobile app.

Step 1
Click the button

To find out, click the button below for a free quote on your new app project.

Step 2
Schedule a meeting

It’s impossible to quote an app without a chat, book a meeting, we’ll listen to your ideas plus give you expert advice on turning your idea into a viral mobile app.

Step 3
We create a plan

Give us a few days to create a detailed plan, you’ll end up with an idea of the price, timescales and your best route to market to build a viral app.