Our new green Bristol office

When it comes to finding an office for a business the choice can always seem a little overwhelming, it needs to be accessible to clients and employees but also not require hours sitting in traffic everyday trying to get there. So when we stumbled across Filwood Green Business Park we were excited that it not only allowed […]

Welcoming Ryan to the team

We are excited to welcome our latest software developer, Ryan O’Connall to the team. Ryan has been developing software for 9 years and is joining us to work on iOS and Android apps. It’s great to have such an experienced developer on board, and we’re looking forward to the impact he’ll make.

3 Top App Trends for 2015

Technology waits for no man apparently, so as we hit 2015 here are 3 trends to look out for in the App-sphere Wearable This one’s been coming for a while. Google have been cautiously showing off their Google Glass glasses for a while but it’s seemed to cause more anger than joy. However, with the […]


What is a cross-platform app? Cross-Platform Apps run on different mobile device types like Apple, Android and Windows hardware, but share code. That’s important because writing code takes time and costs money; the more code that can be shared, the quicker and cheaper it is to write. Another huge benefit is that less code means […]


We’re excited to launch the Global MSC 2014 Conference app today. The conference looks set to be the biggest and best one yet, and we’re looking forward to being there tomorrow to meet everyone. It’s been great working with Derek Maltby and his team from Global MSC to get the app ready for launch over […]