Tiny Tours Press

http://bristolcreditunion.org/news.asp?section=News&ID=98 Tiny Tours – the first app running on The Bristol API! http://urbanthings.co/bristol-api-hackathon-winners-launch-tiny-tours-app/ http://techspark.co/bristol-council-open-data-challenge-leads-to-launch-of-innovative-family-activity-finding-app/ http://www.bristol247.com/channel/news-comment/daily/tech/new-app-helps-plan-family-visits-in-bristol

Introducing: Clarif – the Augmented Reality Platform

We are very excited to be announcing the new Augemented Reality (AR) platform Clarif. Clarif is a groundbreaking platform that anyone can use to add AR content to their product. Whether you’re a control panel manufacturer or an art gallery curator, Clarif provides an easy way to upload information that will be displayed as AR […]

Steve starts at Blue Sparrow

In January we welcomed Steve to the team at Blue Sparrow! Steve is a Certified Xamarin Professional and has previously worked in the engineering and education sectors. He has already been working on several of our apps. Perhaps most excitingly, Clarif, the new Augmented Reality platform.

Simone joins the team

Our team has grown! Simone, who’s a seasoned Android/Xamarin developer, has been a hugely welcome addition here at Blue Sparrow. Simone brings a solid background in Android development to the team, combined with experience of the Xamarin ecosystem. He has already started work the Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer accreditation, and is quickly completing the courses. […]

Ryan gains Xamarin Certification

Ryan has passed the exam to be fully accredited as a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer. The qualification assessed his knowledge on a wide range of mobile development topics with a rigorous 3 hour exam. His passing score of 83% surpassed James’ score when he qualified a few months ago. I’ve enjoyed the course and learned […]

Tiny Tours Launch

Tiny Tours, the award-winning free app, launches in Bristol this week, just in time to ensure the summer holidays are fun for children and stress-free for parents. The Tiny Tours app is your free, simple, digital saviour that tells you what, when, where and why. It offers places to visit throughout Bristol so, if inspiration […]

James gains Xamarin Certification

James is celebrating his qualification as a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer. The accreditation process involves taking a broad set of mobile development classes, and then passing a rigorous 3 hour exam. “It’s been fun to refresh my Xamarin knowledge over the last few months, and passing the exam first time was great! I suspect I’ll […]

Bristol API Challenge Event Winners

We were delighted to win Bristol City Council‘s API Challenge Event at the Watershed in Bristol on Saturday. The day was a chance to use the council’s new Transport API which gives access to bus, train and car data for the south west. A host of app developers from around the region attended the sold-out […]

3 fixes for Microsoft’s problems

Microsoft are trying to catch up in the mobile/tablet arena; the software giant currently has only about 2.2% of the smartphone market. Little wonder that developers aren’t writing apps for their app store, which has about 350,000 apps compared to Google Play’s 1,600,000. So how can they fix this? 1. Start running Android appsMicrosoft has […]

Our new green Bristol office

When it comes to finding an office for a business the choice can always seem a little overwhelming, it needs to be accessible to clients and employees but also not require hours sitting in traffic everyday trying to get there. So when we stumbled across Filwood Green Business Park we were excited that it not only allowed […]