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Based in Bristol, we're blockchain developers that deliver seamless blockchain solutions to help innovators (like you) grow your business.

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Is the expected valuation of blockchain tech by 2026


Is the expected growth between 2022 - 2030

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So if crypto is the future, surely you can't mess this up?🤦‍♀️

Although the crypto space is incredibly exciting, launching a product doesn't at all mean it's any easier...sorry.

The nature of a smart contract gives you one shot to build a great product. Let's explain.

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Stop thinking web2 🙄

For the last 20 years, innovators like you have been able to come up with an idea, approach a contractor on something like Fiver and get them to build you a basic MVP. From there you were able to test what your customers wanted, improve security & infrastructure as you went, and scaled on your terms.

But with a smart contract, you have to think smarter. You need to nail security, infrastructure, gas fees and scalability before you go live. And if that doesn't seem like a lot, you also need to think through an exciting offering that can engage a community, attract users, retain users and make user adoption simple, all before going live.

We're not your typical developer from Fiver, based in Bristol, we’re full-service blockchain developers that can turn your idea into a scalable dApp that will grow your business.

Wanna see how we'd build your project?

How we build crypto apps.

Developing anything in this space can feel like a massive task, but when working with us we break down the development process into 5 stages.

Blockchain strategy


Solidity development

Launch and marketing

Security and infrastructure

Blockchain strategy


Solidity development

Security and infrastructure

Launch and marketing

Your expertise. Our coding

You know your industry, we know Blockchain development. Before we will build you an app, we need to listen to your expertise, understand your industry and apply it to the world of blockchain app development.

Community builders

Imagine having your feedback and suggestions being heard and acknowledged right away—this is an excellent example of great customer service that translates to a great experience. We will help you build your own community so you can maximise your growth.

UX and UI

Long-term end-user adoption of any application is heavily determined by the UX and UI of that application. However, currently, the UX and UI in crypto products are generally poor. We'll help you develop an app that is easy for the end-user helping you to grow.

Blockchain development

We will design, build and distribute a mobile app and wallet connected to the blockchain. Allowing users to either pay for or be rewarded for their actions with cryptocurrency. We also manage the security keeping the transactions safe.

Building your new blockchain product takes 3 simple steps

1. Schedule a meeting today

We help you understand all you need to know about building on the blockchain.

2. We create a plan

Get expert advice on turning an idea into a fully working solution.

3. Let’s execute the plan together

We promise to work to your budget, time scales and business processes.

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We only exist because of great clients

See what they have to say.

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At Blue Sparrow Apps, we know you are the kind of people who want to use modern technology to solve problems. To succeed, you need to develop your own blockchain solution.

The problem is, you have brilliant ideas but don’t know how to turn them into a solution. As a result, this isn’t helping your company grow at the speed you would like it to.

We believe your business no longer needs to struggle to keep up to date with the modern world.

We have been a custom software developers for a long time and know how frustrating it is to have great ideas and not know how to find a solution.

This is why we promise to listen to your needs then build you a profitable blockchain solution. Suiting your budget, time scales and business processes.

Here is how we do it:
1. Schedule a meeting
2. We create a plan
3. Together we execute the plan.

So, schedule a meeting today. 

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Schedule a meeting

It’s impossible to quote an app without a chat, book a meeting, we’ll listen to your ideas plus give you expert advice on turning your idea into a viral mobile app.

Step 3
We create a plan

Give us a few days to create a detailed plan, you’ll end up with an idea of the price, timescales and your best route to market to build a viral app.