The future of How-To content

Hey friend, we’re building the future of How-To content creation, where everyone is paid fairly for their work.

Taking money from the big companies like Youtube and giving it to you…

The people who deserve it.

Nile Rodgers guitar

Here's two options for you

I’ll tell you about Nile Rodgers in a second, but first, I want to give you a little context…

A few years back, I spent my days completely stressed about money.

I was gigging musician, and I was faced with a daily conundrum.

Do I take the well-paid wedding gigs? – and sell my soul.

Or choose the up-and-coming artist with no cash? – but potentially open my doors to better music opportunities.

Time was my real issue because as a musician, you only get paid when you’re playing. 

My stress was weighing up opportunities.

My plan was this:

Focus on the cooler opportunities, and I’ll earn my money by producing content:

(My very rough plan)

  1. Make a few videos on Youtube
  2. That will earn enough to live.
  3. And not just become a full time wedding singer.

It’s not a great plan – but here’s a nice picture of me on Youtube in 2014.

With Youtube, on average you make around $1-$4 per 1000 views, which is nothing. 

This sucks, because I had a small but very engaged following.

These are people who liked what I did.

And would pay to know how I created my favourite bass tones, gear I used, or which settings I used for different gigs.

See my knowledge was valuable, but just not enough to make a living from YouTube….

Until now.

We’re working on a platform, which pays people like us, to create short but amazing how-to content.

Have a look:

Your expertise. But we'll code it.

See we've built the majority of the tech, but we need your help finalising the idea. What do your fans want? How can we help you make amazing content in seconds? What is the best way to pay you?

1. Save time

2. Be influential

3. Earn Cash

Clarif app idea

What's in it for you?

We’re building the future of content creation, where everyone is paid fairly for their work.

The offer.

By giving your email, you are open to a quick Zoom call with me. We are looking for 10 content providers.

In return.

We will give you a percentage of our company and build an awesome platform around you. 


See that screenshot from Youtube above?

Since 2014 it has only had 1213… nothing special I know.

Yet one of those views was from Nile Rodgers the Disco/Pop legend.

After watching the video he liked my playing/funny bass face and invited me to spend few days in the studio with him.

See content works.

I didn’t need millions of views to change my fate. I needed a platform that gives engaged fans great content and you get rewarded for your hard work.

This is what I am looking to create but enhancing the opportunity for the user.

Let me know what you think.