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We know how frustrating it is to have great ideas and not know how to find a solution. We promise to listen to your needs then build you a profitable mobile app. Working to your budget, time scales and business processes.

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James is the Managing Director and started the company in 2014. He is an app developer with over 20 years experience of software development, developing large business solutions, and handling big data sets. If you're interested in how mobile tech could be used in your business, he would love to help you think through your options.

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Laura is a Director and our user advocate. As a non-techie, she helps us to user test our apps and check for issues.

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Ryan is an app developer with great all-round development skills. He's a Certified Xamarin Mobile Developer, and has a great depth of knowledge around iOS and Android development. He's also got a background in web-service and website development, giving him a broad skillset to work from.

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Steve is an app developer with background in engineering and education. He brings an eye for detail to his code; always looking for robust solutions to problems.

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Sol heads up Business Development at Blue Sparrow; ensuring that we communicate well and listen to our customers. He also maintains our website and social media. He's always up for a coffee and a chat about tech.


Matt is a fantastic junior developer for Blue Sparrow Apps. He joined the team as a Software Technician Apprentice and has a great eye for detail. Being a fast learner, he is always a part of our research. If you are looking to build an innovative mobile app, Matt will definitely be apart of the process.


Alex is an app developer with a background in structural engineering. With a great eye for detail, he is fantastic at solving complicated problems for the team.

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Carlos handles our finances, managing the books and forecasting.

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We're looking for great people to join our team.

Together Let’s turn your idea into a solution!

Together Let’s turn your idea into a solution!